Vortex Popcornmaskin Mini RoboPop 25

Artikkelnr.: 6025

Høyvolums popcornmaskin. Kapasitet opptil 12 kg pr. time. Dvs. ca 280 liter pr. time.

NOK179 000,00 inkl. mva.
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Vortex Popcorn™ machine Mini Robopop® 25

Fully automatic machine Mini Robopop® 25 has a production capacity up to 12 kg an hour and makes perfect popcorn for further caramelization and coating. Possibility to control turbine’s speed allows configuring the popper even for low-quality corn kernels. The machine is easy to maintain, by removing the side door you will have a full access to the chamber.

Vortex Popcorn™ machines Robopop® are designed on the basis of a new patented technology, due to which corn is rapidly heated, popped and vortexed away from the hot zone immediately after popping.

Has the following advantages
- the opening of popcorn with hot air, popcorn is not fried in oil, there are no carcinogens and trans fats;

- the humidity of the ready popcorn is reduced, popcorn is as delicious and crunchy as popcorn from a conventional apparatus;

- the device is automated, operator participation is minimal; - direct drive of the turbine - absence of belt drive and bearing assembly;

- the ability to control the speed of the turbine allows you to configure the machine even for low quality grain;

- easy maintenance of the camera, it is enough to remove the side door and the camera will be fully accessible;

- the unit is shipped assembled, ready for use after unpacking;

- connection of the device to a single-phase network.

Technical specifications

  • Production capacity – up to 12 kg/h;
  • Hopper capacity – 8 kg;
  • Rated voltage – single phase 230VAC 50/60 Hz;
  • Rated power – 5,95 kW;
  • Power consumption – up to 3,4 kWh;
  • Dimensions – 1070x580x1600 mm;
  • Weight – 150 kg.

Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop® is a new type of machines, which pops kernels using revolutionary technology.

  • Popcorn has 20% less calories but it tasty and crunchy as movie-style popcorn
  • Popcorn doesn't fry in oil - NO carcinogens, NO trans fats
  • 30% less oil consumption for salted/savory popcorn
  • 100% less oil consumption for caramel/cheese popcorn
  • Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop® is fully automatic
  • Product quality is always the same
  • CE

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